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Hello All!

I am Wojtek and I have something exciting to tell you. My new album Atmosphere is OUT now! I recorded and produced it carbon neutrally. What does that actually mean?

First of all, I did research to understand where and how the emissions are being generated to the atmosphere during recording and production of music. I also started to look into the climate footprint of the music sector beyond recording and production.

I chose partners who also support this cause to help me make it possible. I recorded Atmosphere in a studio that uses renewable energy.  I secured that the same amount of renewable energy was provided to the energy grid, as it was taken during the recording and the production.

I was supported by the climate and energy expert to map the potential emissions to be able to eliminate them and compensate in the most credible way.

The album title - Atmosphere - refers on the one hand to the climate crisis as I believe it is humankind's greatest challenge right now. On the other hand, it also refers to a very characteristic mood, feeling or ambiance that the music creates.

Atmosphere is a combination of two genres - modern classical and club music. The romantic piano parts accompany lush synthesizers and electronic drum sets.

I think everyone can find something for themselves in this music. With this album, I want to give people home and a sense of peace in the difficult times we're facing right now.

But, I also want to remind people how important our planet is and that everyone - even a debut artist - can make a difference.

- Wojtek